Get real-time visual feedback of your workout.

By integrating flex sensors, RBG LED's, and other technology into sportswear we can gather important information that helps improve exercise performance.

This clothing indicates to its user how well they are performing the exercise, provide cardiovascular health, calories burned, keep track of reps and sets, and many more possibilities. 

The design integrates flex sensors into key areas of clothing, it can read the position of our body and determine the quality of your exercise. It keeps track of the number of reps the wearer has completed. The heart-rate monitor keeps track of calories burned and cardiovascular health. Combining this data can provide the wearer with an overall performance score. Individual LED’s are connected to the flex sensor, giving the wearer instant visual feedback on the quality of their exercise.


Proof of concept prototype


Features & Tech Specs



Using state of the art materials, prototyping tools, and fabrication techniques (which I developed), I was able to create a usable and working prototype of my concept. Here are some photos of the process.

2014-12-02 00.44.43.jpg
Trying it on for the first time!

Trying it on for the first time!

Key Role: Interaction Designer & Researcher

Deliverables: Research, Presentation, Storyboard, Renders

Team: Drew Walcott, Cat Lam, Viral Shah, Ingrid Hong, Radhika Agarwal 

Date: 2015

Length: 3 weeks