The Revl app uses A.I. and machine learning to make editing easier.

Revl is a smart action camera company. Their first camera, the Revl Arc has 4 built in sensors that can help identify your best moments and instantly create stunning videos for you to share. 

The editing takes place on the iOS app which has four main features:

  • Remote camera control and viewfinder

  • Preview footage on camera

  • Automatic & assisted video editing

  • Action-data analytics

Check out the Camera app at:

Revl Experiences System:



Edits video for you.

The Revl App uses data captured by the Revl Arc and uses A.I. to automatically find the best few minutes from your hours of video. It also edits videos for you after every adventure.

Edit-Hero-Duo (1).png

Action-data monitoring & tracking

Quickly jump to your best moments by accessing the moments bar, navigate your footage by scrolling through your data. Now you can see how much air you got, how fast you were going, and how many rotations you made.


Remotely control your camera

Easily access your camera's controls when you need to, tag a moment, or snap a picture. 




I helped REVL conceptualize how REVL could expand their presence from mobile to web and further utilize their data and social platform.



Designed packaging artwork and form.


Audi MyMemories

Led design and strategy for a joint venture with Audi AG. Our work visualized how camera and AI software could fit into the Audi car ecosystem. Resulting project was name myMemories.



Unfortunately I cannot show the process behind the creation of this product because it is protected by a non-disclosure agreement. To enter, you must choose wisely...

Key Role: Interaction & Visual Designer

Deliverables: Primary and Secondary research, product concepts, Interaction model, visual design, brand implementation, high-fidelity wireframe flows, engineering spec documents, animated prototype.

Team: Corey Richardson (ID), Bruce Pla (ID)

Date: 2017 -2019

Length: 2 Years