Link Hospital Display

Link is a voice and touch activated screen designed to improve the hospital experience of long-term patients by relieving the feelings of social isolation, discomfort in hospital rooms, and provide patients with a daily treatment schedule.

Long-term patients spend the most time in hospitals. The loved ones of long term patients have professional, educational, and social obligations which make it difficult to visit the hospital as much as they desire.

 We were told a story from one of our interviewees. A wife who's husband was hospitalized for a long period of time thought of a way to communicate her love and support of her sick husband when she couldn't stay in the hospital any longer. She would write little love notes on post-its and leave them around the room for her husband to find upon waking up from his rest. 

With link, patients receive notes, pictures, and videos from loved ones via SMS and a custom number. Patients also receive day to day schedule updates.

Story Board


Description: We designed our interface to be minimal, modern, and friendly. We included both touchscreen and voice control for those who have trouble leaving their bed. The earthy colored backgrounds were chosen to bring more life and color into the hospital, yet not distract from the subject matter. The messages and images use skeuomorphism to give the feeling of tangible notes and pictures.

Key Role: Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, 

Deliverables: Research, Presentation, Storyboard, Renders

Team: Drew Walcott, Cat Lam, Viral Shah, Ingrid Hong, Radhika Agarwal 

Date: 2015

Length: 3 Months