Envisioning the future of public transportation.

What could our public transportation system look like if we redesigned from the ground up with modern technology and urban planning trends?

Part of my time spent at frog design was dedicated to this project they had given to us interns. We spent about a month researching and synthesizing current and future trends of public transportation and related fields. We conducted qualitative interviews with a dozen people about what they liked and didn't like about public transportation. The next two months would be spent designing a new system based off our research and ideation. We designed a public system of low cost, networked, and auto-intelligent vehicles. Today's self driving cars only communicate with the environment around it, but what if the cars could talk to each other, a centralized supercomputer, as well as the environment? Well what we learned was that communication was a key variable in the systems efficiency.




Ethnographic research

Qualitative interview data

2015-06-16 09.28.15.jpg

Early idea mapping

2015-06-16 09.28.54.jpg

Early observations

2015-06-16 09.29.19.jpg

Forming insights

Ideating for each touchpoint & voting

More research

Deciding design principles

Viral crunching the numbers


Journey mapping

Sketches of potential ID forms

Creating our value proposition

Deciding our deliverables

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Key Role: Interaction Designer & Researcher

Deliverables: Research, Presentation, Storyboard, Renders

Team: Drew Walcott, Cat Lam, Viral Shah, Ingrid Hong, Radhika Agarwal 

Date: 2015

Length: 3 weeks