Aquam is an interactive origami wall located inside Oakland's Christ the Light Cathedral.

Aquam, is a responsive paper origami wall. As a person enters the church touching the holy water, sonar sensors placed in the holy well detect the presence of their hand, and activate a system of small motors and wire causing the wall to move. AQUAM's movement resembles that of cleansing water, mimicking its gentle waves and repetition. 

I accomplished this by shooting in the dark and using a single flashlight to illuminate the paper model.

Illustration by Shue Wong

Illustration by Shue Wong


This presentation introduces grace cathedral, our chosen site. We made a population flow map in the space, we documented key interactions in the space, fold exploration, movement exploration, and final rendering of our idea. 

Programs Used: Keynote, Adobe Photosho

Key Role: Concept Development, Programmer, Model assembly, Video Production

Deliverables: Working model, Video Storyboard, Presentation

Team: Lana Choi, Shue Wong

Date: 2014

Length: 1 Month